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SMD StereoCoder  
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RDS Encoder and oversampled Stereocoder  
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This RDS encoder with integrated Stereo coder is developed in the Netherlands and offers you the following features:

Deze RDS encoder met ge´ntegreerde Stereo coder is in Nederland ontwikkeld en biedt u de volgende mogelijkheden:


RDS encoder


  • Operates stand-alone
  • Unlimited reprogramming
  • Wide control possibilities (Traffic announcement on/off)
  • EEPROM memory for data storage during power-off
  • Broadcast quality output signal
  • Continuous RDS transmission during all operations
  • 4 modes for dynamic/scrolling PS incl. word alignment and one-byone character scrolling
  • 19khz synchronized with stereo encoder

Stereo coder

  • Micro Computer Controlled
  • More than 50dB Seperation 
  • 15khz Brickwall Filtering 
  • MPX Filtering
  • Switchable Pre-Emphasis
  • Switchable Baseband Clipping 
  • Peak level indicator 
  • Audio Input Level Controls   
  • High Grade Low Noise Op-Amps



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Professional SMD Stereocoder 
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